Live Garage: Anna & Lunk, Liberte

Last night was a good one. Live Garage has moved to one of my favourite gig venues, Club Liberte, and it has moved to a Friday night. More on Live Garage later, though, I want to skip straight to the bands:


Anna provided a mellow warm-up set. She has an attractive, feminine voice, warm but light and is an adept keyboardist.  Most of her songs were in Finnish, which went down well with the audience – or the vocal older, less sober members, at least. One or two were in English, which allowed me to appraise her lyrics more accurately. The English songs were both themed around broken relationships, one more vengeful than the other and also more memorable – It had the catchy phrase “I wish you well, I wish you death… I wish myself well more”, which captures the internal struggle of trying want the best for someone else when it is not the best for you. The second song described how she had been so many things to her lover – like a confession, a whore* – and therefore couldn’t be a friend. Another topic many people could relate to and the English was smooth and well used, which implies that the Finnish lyrics would be even better. The audience were certainly attentive, which was good to see.

Anna’s MySpace page is here.


Lunk are, in my opinion, rock-and-roll and britrock influenced punk rock. If that doesn’t sound confusing enough the lead singer has a distinctively Mancunian (from Manchester, England, e.g. as per Oasis) attitude and singing style. It takes a while for you to realise the language is Finnish. But don’t be confused – this band is really something. The aggressive energy pays off and the set is fantastic. Unfortunately for Lunk, the venue was only populated enough for all the seats to be taken, so despite some alarming arm waving and beckoning from the lead singer that came across more like threats, but fit his persona well, no-one ventured up front to dance. It’s a shame, because most feet were tapping, heads were nodding and the applause was loud and enthusiastic.

One more note, which is that the lead singer gets style appreciation points from me for his 90s Brit-pop fashion style. The crowning garment was a brown, leather, fleece-lined jacket with high neck – very nice. I wonder where he found it?

I managed to grab a video of the final encore song on my phone. My phone really isn’t the best so you’ll want to check out Lunk’s MySpace page too. I meant that. You want to.

As he says at the beginning of the video, they had an album available for purchase at 8 euros. Lunk’s Facebook page states that it is available for 10€ at Keltainen Jäänsärkiä, Stupido Shop, Levykauppa Äx and Popparienkeli.

Okay, I also promised to talk about Live Garage:

This is a long running Indie showcase evening, which has seen several venues in its lifetime; Currently it is being hosted by Liberte once every two months, but previously it was at Cuba fortnightly**.  The good thing about it being at Liberte is that more bands want to play there and the event will be able to showcase three artists, each with a 45 minute set. Nice, very nice. Particularly as the organiser is Mad Ice, an accomplished musician with exceptional taste.

You can sign up to get news about Live Garage events on Facebook.

’til next time,



*The popularity of sex workers in the arts is probably a topic for another time or blog.

** A fortnight is two weeks, e.g. 14 nights.


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