Elisa – a rock musical

Thanks to my involvement with SoffaTV, I was able to watch Teatteri Toivo‘s latest production, Elisa, recently while filming a trailer for them.

Although I had to concentrate on my work, I did get to watch all of the action and I even understood what was happening. The production is in Finnish, but for those worried about not understanding the language I advise you to try it anyway. With good acting and good visuals, and perhaps a plot summary in hand, I find that it is possible to have a good experience of Finnish-language arts. Even though I had to keep a straight face while filming, there were a few moments that nearly caused me to shed a tear or chuckle.

The plot concerns the struggles of Elisa’s lover and friends to come to terms with her death and the conflict in their own lives. That a death brings out conflict and brings a group of friends together is not a new concept, but Toivo’s actors and dancers bring out the emotions very well and portray a touching story. If you are not a fan of musicals, you may find the dance sessions that split the scenes distracting; sometimes the dances were performed by actors that were in the main scenes, and other times by dancers who portrayed the theme of the scene again. There was a more fluid transition to the dances where the main actors participated and I found those a little less jarring.

One of the co-producers has made a photo and song montage of the musical, which follows the plot and gives more context than the trailer:

On the night I attended, I noticed particularly strong performances from the band and the following actors:

Riku: Hans Timola
Susanna: Pia Piltz
Maria: Milla Puolakanaho
Sami: Joona Tuoriniemi
Elisa: Venla Takkinen

I do recommend that people go and see this before it’s too late. They are performing in Caisa, Kaisaniemi for two more weekends and you can get all of the dates and information from the Elisa page.


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