Cykles, Clamour, and The Grande Bois

I decided to check out an evening that Bar Liberte billed as “Salmi Sound -klubi”. There’s no information available on this organisation, at least not with any search mechanism I had access to. Whether this is the first of a series of events is unclear for now, but there were no upcoming events listed with the same name on the Liberte brochures, so there’s a chance it was a one-off. It offered the opportunity to see check out five bands in one evening and I managed to catch the middle three of the five bands performing, for the economical price of a 5€ ticket.


I’d heard about this band many times over the past few years, so I was glad of a chance to see them perform. They’ve been around since 2007, but only released their debut album on 2011. Their music style is pop-rock, with 80s influences. The lyrics were English, but I had trouble making any of them out because the instrument volume was jacked up so loud that the sounds were merging together. I could only pick out the singer’s voice after I put my ear plugs in. I’ve had to listen to the songs again on Cykles’ Bandcamp page in order to get a better impression of their music. Nonetheless, I took a quality phone video. There’s a pretty catchy riff in that number, even if you can’t make out the lyrics.



This 5-piece band came with a substantial following, who filled the gig for the duration of their set only and filling Liberte almost to its capacity.  Unfortunately the fans didn’t seem to want to engage in gig etiquette, because very few of them remained to at least try one song from the following band, even though they remained at the venue in the adjacent room. It put a damper on the example they set by enthusiastically cheering and dancing to Clamour, who provided mainstream Finnish rock/metal, interspersed with a few more interesting punk and pop influenced rock songs. The band was fronted by three ladies in black, and indeed there seems to have been a theme, judging by the lyrics ‘on vain musta’ (it’s only black) in Punaista ja Mustaa.

Though there were five people on stage for this gig, only the ladies are mentioned on the band’s Facebook page. The songs on MySpace all include drums, and none of the front women were playing drums on stage, so it would appear that the line-up is flexible.

I was happy to watch Clamour, but I had a preference for the few songs that showed something other than generic Finnish rock. Seeing as they had the biggest audience, I’m pretty sure that my tastes aren’t reflective of the general population, but that’s no big surprise, is it? There was a rock vibe while Clamour were playing, thanks to the unusually large audience. They helped to make the show.

You can listen to Clamour on their MySpace page.

The Grande Bois

Now here was something different, and fun. This trio were crazy on stage, which is fortunate, due to the fact that the audience had dwindled down to nothing before they even had a chance to play a song. Surf rock, traditional style, with only bass, guitar and drums. There was ample use of the whammy bar, as well as tongue waggling and, more disturbingly, bum waggling. This was an instrumental set and great music for crazy dancing shenanigans, but due to the fact the audience had cleared out (yes, I’m still bitching about that) there was not a soul dancing. It didn’t bother the band, they were carrying on as though they were practising for the world champions in air guitar in front of their mirrors, but with the added skill of actually being able to play the guitar well. There may have been some dubious guitar humping moves. I guess that’s only embarrassing if you’re the one doing them, and you get embarrassed. It didn’t seem to be a problem. I took a video of these guys too, seeing as I had so much space. I promise there is no guitar humping and only a moderate amount of tongue waggling in said video. Enjoy!

Their Facebook Page url describes them as the ‘Enfants terribles of surf rock’. I can see that 😉


I really hope that I can catch the final band of the evening, Resovolt, some time when they are not playing past public transport o’clock. I got an earful of the music on their Facebook page before the gig and my curiosity was piqued. They’re a Helsinki band, so watch this space, they’ll be on here some day.

That’s it from me for now, ’til next time.


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