Color Dolor

Color Dolor at Cafe Mascot

It’s far past time I wrote about this band. I’ve seen them perform recently at Korjaamo Vintti, Cafe Mascot and, sadly, missed a Kallio Kukkii festaval performance at Dallape Puisto. They always pull in a good audience, often full of familiar faces from other bands. The band is also full of familiar faces. Singer-songwriter Stina Koistinen, is the drummer in punk group Liikaa Lovee, drummer Ilkka Tolonen also performs in Tundramatiks, guitarist Nicolas “Leissi” Rehn has been in more bands than you can shake a stick at (Norma John was one of them, though no longer). The trumpeter, Jan Wälchli also performs solo; you can listen to a sample via his website.

Color Dolor have an experimental ambient folk sound. The atmosphere was too thick and loud for Mascot – it was far better suited to filling the spacious theatre-like room upstairs at Korjaamo, whose contemporary designer atmosphere seemed to encourage a quieter and more attentive audience attitude. The above video was filmed at that event and features guest vocalist Jonathan Hilli.

When heard live, the vocals will blow you away and the music has a life of its own. In what may be their finest track, in which the lyrics ‘Don’t be so hard on you, he’ll get over it’ hypnotise you, the music is reminiscent of huge elephants on the march with a rolling gait, or – okay, maybe I was getting too poetic there. That song is the hook in the set, when it hits it turns the experience from one of rich musical ambience to one of electricity, and the buzz remains and re-emerges throughout the remainder of the show.

There was more of a social lounge feeling to the Mascot gig, as is appropriate to the venue, so people talk during the set, but they also get up and dance by the end of it and come away with a smile.

You can check out Color Dolor on Facebook and listen to a few tracks on SoundCloud.

Their debut album, ‘Cuckoo in a clock’, named after one of their highly energetic and excellent songs, is upcoming this year.


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