Mission Statement

After years of attending gigs and events and finding many of them scandalously unattended, I’ve decided to do my little part by blogging about some of the many, many interesting things that are going on under the very noses of the residents of Helsinki. I (Melody Jane) am involved with: SoffaTV, a media production company; a dubiously-named cover band that rarely perform; my own secret art projects; whatever else I can sink my teeth into.

There are a lot of bands, theatres, artists and production companies in Finland.  Many are surprisingly good. I say surprisingly, because it’s a small place where everyone knows one another; for Indie culture to be so good here, the concentration of talent per capita must be high. A lively and approachable community of artists live here. So this is about my – and any guest bloggers I can find – experiences of the art community.

This blog will hopefully help a few more people to discover alternative, independent and bohemian culture in Helsinki, Finland. Or it will if anyone manages to discover the blog first!


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