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The best way to follow the blog is via the Facebook page if you spend time on Facebook or by using the RSS feed. Or you can save this page as your home page, favourite, or obsessively keep the page open. I don’t mind!

Currently only 10% of people who read the blog also joined the Facebook page. I wouldn’t mind that number getting higher, so please spread the word if you’re inclined to do so. Reasons to do so are as follows:

  • It allows you to see updates and choose which to read easily
  • It motivates me to produce more interesting stories for you all
  • It helps out the bands, artists and event organisers that we write about
  • It will help me to get cool prizes and free tickets to give away on the blog

What’s that, cool prizes and free tickets?
Yes, I would eventually like to be able to give away pairs of tickets to upcoming events, or free album copies donated by bands, sketches by artists, you name it. The more followers that blog visibly has, the easier it will be to request awesome things to pass on to you readers. A big back-scratching festival will be had by all. We’ll be some happy cats.

So please don’t be shy about following the blog, recommending it to others that you might be interested in, commenting on the articles and suggesting bands and events for me to check out and write about.

We also consider guest articles, particularly about live indie music, because we can’t be at all gigs in all parts of Finland at the same time. Do get in touch if you’ve had a live indie experience that you just have to share and we’ll try and work something out.


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